Welcome to the new Southview website!

Welcome to the new Southview website!

Hey there, and welcome to the new Southview website!

There’s a lot to go over here, as everything is completely new. If you’d like to contact/complain to someone about any issues (or thoughts about) the site, it’s currently made and maintained by Andy Bennett and Mike Barr. The contact email (which is listed at the bottom of the page) is admin@southviewgbc.org.

With that out of the way, it’s time to go over what’s new, what’s blue, and what’s coming up soon. While you could simply answer “everything” for the first two questions, going in depth is usually a good idea.

What’s new?

The biggest change is the new design. It’s meant to work fine on computers, phones, and tablets. Essentially, if it can load the internet, it should be able to load this site and work without any issues. While the old design was also focused less on constantly having a flow on information and more on remaining static, this new one is the opposite.

You’ll see posts go up regularly from a variety of authors covering a variety of subjects. The first series we’ll do is republishing Vilas Deane’s series of Vi The Bible Guy Q&A posts, but we’ll try to get more original content out in the near future.

Additionally, there’s also a new comment system for articles. Feel free to post any genuine questions or thoughts on a subject in there, but keep in mind that we reserve the right to take down anything that’s inappropriate, and will ban anyone who attempts to misuse them.

What’s coming soon?

We’re currently working on an app for the site. The current plans are to display content from both the website and the church’s YouTube channel on it, and it should end up launching for Windows 10 (and potentially Windows 8) devices first. The goal after that’s to move on to one for Android phones and tablets, and then maybe iPhones and iPads.

We’re excited to get this published, and hope we keep providing reasons for you to check in!

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